Manufacturing method of large size nickel plate

- Jun 29, 2017-

The manufacturing method of large size nickel plate comprises the following steps:
1. The use of Argon arc welding technology will be small specifications of electrolytic nickel raw material plate splicing into large specifications of nickel plate;
2. Using ultrasonic flaw detection technology to detect the weld seam on the large size nickel plate;
3. The inspection of qualified nickel plate into the vacuum furnace for vacuum annealing treatment;
4. The vacuum annealing hot treatment after the large-scale nickel plate cold-rolled to the finished product thickness;
5. The nickel plate of the cold rolling to the finished product thickness is cut edge, after cleaning, the semi-finished nickel Plate is made;
6. The semi-finished nickel plate cut into the required specifications of the finished nickel plate.

The production process is simple, the processing cycle is short, the energy consumption is low, the yield is high, and the production cost is greatly reduced, and the mechanical properties of the nickel plate are completely satisfied with the corrosion-resistant equipment and the use of the nickel plate in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.