Why the cold rolling mill is slowing down.

- Jun 29, 2017-

1. Affected by materials, because the rolling material and the working roll of the cold rolling mill, there is the relationship between friction, there will certainly be the corresponding effect between the speed, and in this case, the amount of lubricating oil will become more, then the lubrication mode will change;

2. Cold Mill's own factor influence, if the cold rolling machine machinery in the rolling speed, then there will be a large number of bearings inside the roll neck, such a situation will also lead to roll movement;

3. Affected by the rolling process, when the rolled material is processed, it will have the development trend of softening, and the speed of rolling faster, then the temperature will become more and more high, so it can be seen out, if the speed is not satisfied with the envisaged beforehand, then the cold rolling mill processing will appear a variety of different problems.