Industrial Use Of Nickel Pipes

- Jun 29, 2017 -

Nickel tube is used in alkali industry. Production of chlor-alkali chemicals and organic chlorides-food processing industry-high temperature halogen and salt corrosion environment-electronic instrumentation components-water treatment-various alkali-resistant equipment.

According to the data, 2005 China's nickel production reached 91,400 tons, 2006 years a quarter of China's nickel ore output reached 26817 tons. China's nickel production has been unable to meet the domestic demand for production, in recent years, China's nickel imports have been far greater than the export volume.

Nickel as a rare metal, it has a good weldability, but in the welding process, with the temperature rise, its performance began to change, its absorption of nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, the ability to increase significantly, the gas impurity pollution easily lead to the embrittlement of welded joints.