Introduction To Supply Capacity Of Stainless Steel Coils&Plates

- Sep 18, 2017-

Processing Equipment and Testing Equipment:

Different kinds of Kaiping machine, cutting machine from Italy, Japan and Taiwan; High level of water jet cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, laser beam cutting machine and other cutting equipments; Red flower machine, embossing machine, large plate shearing machine, bending machine and other molding processing equipment; High end plate mirror grinding machine, abrasive finishing machine, surface grinding machine and other surface treatment equipment; CNC Longmen milling, CNC floor boring, digital display double vertical lathe and other machine processing equipment; American NITON handheld spectrometer and Germany OBLF/GS-1000 desktop spectrometer.

We are supermarket of stainless steel. Our products are exported to many countries all year around, such as USA, UK, UAE, Canada, Thailand, India, Singapore,etc.