Welding Requirements For Titanium Fittings

- Jun 29, 2017-

Welding personnel should be dressed in clean overalls, can not have oil presence, welding gloves should be selected white fine gauze gloves, not wearing cotton and other fabric gloves.

Welding platform layout, the welding area of the welded head of the wire brush and other materials, should be made of stainless steel, strictly prohibited to use carbon steel and other contaminated materials.

The welding site should be set up indoors or in a dedicated welding workshop, indoor smoking is strictly prohibited, the environment should be kept clean, dry, room temperature should not be less than 5 Shan, and strict control of the air convection.

In order to obtain the ideal welding quality, as far as possible to the nozzle end of the processing into V-groove, welding area and the surface of the wire using acetone for degreasing treatment.